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historic reuse Dorfman Capital takes great pride in making the financing of historic redevelopment projects as smooth and attractive as possible for our clients, knowing that the end result will be of great benefit to the community as well as to the investors and the developers.

There are many tax credit incentives that encourage historic reuse, and we know them all.

Historic reuse involves the refurbishing, and frequently the repurposing, of historic buildings. Like brownfield redevelopment, historic reuse can pay huge dividends for both developers and communities. Again, location is a major attraction, as historic buildings tend to be in central business districts or other prime locations.

Historic buildings worthy of reuse are often architecturally significant, culturally and aesthetically, and would be too expensive to build from scratch now. Adapting them for new uses can provide a better location, more architectural value, and greater cultural cachet than comparably priced new construction.

Historic reuse improves communities in much the same way as brownfield development. That is, by activating dead spaces and delivering a message of hope for the future. Historic reuse also has the added benefit of enhancing quality of place by bringing the past back to life—historic buildings have stories worth telling and a heritage worth preserving. And, of course, it also reduces the need for developing green spaces.

A strategic approach to historic redevelopment can have a ripple effect, triggering reinvestment in neighboring properties and improving both return on investment and community vitality.